Narrating the birth of the Irish Theatre Ballet (ITB) Company

The presentation will briefly introduce the history of Irish Theatre Ballet, the first Irish professional ballet company, founded by Joan Denise Moriarty in 1959. The company travelled through all Ireland to bring ballet – at that time, more than often something unknown – even in the smallest villages.

Then, the presentation will move to discuss the digital tools which will be used to accomplish the project’s purpose. The first thing to think about when deciding which tools using for a digital project is its purpose, and the vibe it is meant to suggest. To me, the idea was to focus on telling the story of how the ballet company was born, and to leave people – and my dissertation – reflecting upon it. This is the reason why the choice fell on tools which produce digital artefacts where the accent lies on a flow of items, images, spatial and temporal paths, without too many data or wordy descriptions.

Claudia Sartori