Digital Culture/ Social Media

Personal Online Branding – The “Me” Brand

We are surrounded by brands, more so now than ever. Brands are a huge undertaking to maintain in today’s digital world. With so many platforms available for brands to enter, social media has revolutionized the way brands communicate with its target market. The way Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and many more, has helped brands to grow and expand, has proven just how powerful a brand can be.

Brands are not just products, brands can be people or groups as well, take for example The Beckham brand helped Victoria to launch her fashion line a lot faster than traditional houses would have previously taken. Or The Kardashians, the family whose only job is to look “good” on TV, and be everywhere.

So should we be branding ourselves? When looking for work, we all have our traditional CV. Two pieces of paper that has the sole purpose of showing its reader who we are or who we want them to see. This is what a brand also wants to accomplish when we view an ad or read an article about it. Therefore, when we apply for a job, we are putting forward ourselves, our brand. The brand of “Me”.

Social media has the purpose to show a brand to its full extent. Personal Online Branding should also use this method for the same reason. You are showing yourself as yourself, the true you. My presentation for the Digitalis Day will examine how to use Social media tools for Personal Online Branding, the good, the bad and the…….photo-shopped.

Maeve Ahern


Data Driven-Journalism: The Future

Data-driven journalism has long been touted as the saviour of modern media. While publications such as The Guardian and The Washington Post have experimented in the field with outstanding success over the past four years, Irish media are only now grappling with the concept of visualisations and narratives spun by datasets.

Now that the industry has established when and how we consume news, my presentation will examine what the future holds for data-journalism. From crowdsourcing to collaboration, the next web to wearable tech – the advancement of data-journalism is set to remould how we read, who we read and what we learn.

Robbie Byrne

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