Digital Pedagogy

In a World of Women’s Other Words

Ken Robinson, in his 2006 TED Talk, claims that as a society we are educated to think in terms of one half of our brain – The left hemisphere. Furthermore, other commentators such as Lehrer (2012) and Estés (1999) advocate the importance of embracing our creative side. Creativity has often been seen as inferior to Science and Technology. I consider both sides equally important but through my personal journey I have observed that often when we ‘do creativity’ it is done from the left logical side. Day-dreaming is viewed negatively even though some commentators say it is necessary to fully function. I want to explore this and I want to do this by focusing on women who have walked an alternate path and have used forms of creativity to underpin their lifestyle. Not necessarily writers and artists but those who may use drums, or other forms of creativity. Woman who have been labeled as ‘rebel.’ I want to digitise their stories. I want to probe what underpins their life journey, the barriers they face. All the woman I will interview will be over 45. In essence I am searching for the Wild Wise Woman. I wonder what wisdom I will garner.

Estes, C.P. (1992) Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman, London: Random House-Ebury Press

Lehrer, J. (2012) Imagine: How Creativity Works, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcout.

Robinson, K. (Feb 2006) How Schools Kill Creativity TED Talks.

Rae McKinlay

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