Presentation Guidelines

How long should the presentation be?

The presentations will be not less than 5 minutes and not more than 6 minutes 40 seconds. These time limits are set in stone. Just as an essay has a set word count this presentation has a set time limit to which you must adhere. In addition, participants are responsible for their own time-keeping though the class will be more than happy to help out in this regard. Just ask if you want someone to give you a signal at a certain point.

What is the style of presentation?

The preferred style is Pecha Kucha but this will be left up to the individual presenter to decide. Any format such as Ignite, Emaze etc are acceptable. Essentially, it is up to you to decide how you would like to communicate your research project to the audience.

Will there be questions at the DH Institute?

Yes, it is expected that all participants at the DH Institute will engage fully with the presentations. This may involve questions after a presentation, it may involve chats over tea/coffee, it may involve online discussion before, during and after the institute. However, it is essential that students use this as an opportunity to discuss their own research, to discuss common themes across various research projects. Writing a thesis can be a very solitary project and it is important you build links and bridges at this early stage in order to make the process as collaborative as possible.

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