John O’Donovan’s penny journal articles

Penny JournalMy presentation/dissertation is to do with the historian and textual scholar John O’Donovan (1806-61), who is, perhaps, is best known for his standard-setting edition of Annála Ríoghachta Éireann (1848-51) — Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland (also sometimes rendered as ‘Annals of the Four Masters’). In particular, I’m going to focus on a series of articles by O’Donovan in the Dublin Penny Journal in the early 1830s which first brought him to public notice — examining the context of the creation and reception/consumption of these contributions.

Being a dissertation for a Digital Arts and Humanities MA, however, one of the central elements of what I do will be the way in which I deploy digital tools and methodologies in relation to the project — tools and story-telling methodologies which will be presented on the John O’Donovan Archive (website): .

Perry O’Donovan