Timetable for Day



April 21, G_27 ORB


Reception and Introduction 9.00-9.30

Panel 1  9.30-10.15

Digital History I

Claudia – Narrating the Birth of the Irish Theatre Ballet (ITB) Company.

Perry – John O’Donovan’s penny journal articles

Caroline – Theme: “Digital Exhibition” (and traditional)

Una  Grattan Terrace on Grattan Street Dublin


Panel 2 10.15-11.00

Digital Art

Alan – Animated GIFS as a Digital Art Form

Aodhán – The Art of the Pacific: a facsimile and critical edition of a museum accession catalogue

Katrina – Media (entertainment) production / diversity, inclusion, equality

Colm – Building a visual narrative in 360 Video


Morning Break 11.00-11.30


Panel 3  11.30-12.00

Digital Humanities





Lunch 12.00-1.30


Panel 4  1.30-2.15

Digital History II

Orla-Peach – Digitisation in cultural heritage sector

Colleen – Hazelwood Histories: Mapping the 18th – 19th Century Demesne

Brian – Oldcastle Detention Camp 1914-1918

Justin – From Cattle-Thieving to Camouflage: The Story of Irish Speakers at War



Panel 5 2.15-3.00

Digital Learning/ Pedagogy

Aleksejs – Pedagogy in Digital Learning  Design / pedagogy and IT

Aengus – Musical collaboration and pedagogy online – a survey of digital tools.

Rae –  In a World of Women’s Other Words


Afternoon Break 3.00-3.30


Panel 6 3.30-4.30

Digital Culture/ Social Media

Maeve – Personal Online Branding – The “Me” Brand

Robbie – Data Driven-Journalism: The Future

Alana – Gender Representation in Video Games

Michelle  Personal Archive Communities and the Construction of Active Space

Aisling   Fanfiction


Conclusions and Reflections on the Day 4.30- 5.00

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